History of my bikes.....

Bike: 1985 Honda VF500 Interceptor
Bought: 1995
Sold:      1996
Reason for sale: Move onto next bike.
Comments: Great first bike. Nice enough to keep for a year or so, but not powerful enough to seriously hurt myself.
Interesting link: 1985 VF500 Interceptor review
Bike: 1989 Honda CBR600F (aka: the Captain America bike)
Bought: 1997 (~12,000 miles)
Sold:      2001 (~33,000 miles)
Reason for sale: Move onto next bike.
Comments: Introduction into inline 4's. Extremely dependable and fun bike. Took my abuse and kept coming back for more.
Interesting link: Honda CBR 600 timeline
Bike: 2001 Honda CBR600F4i
Bought: 1-APR-2001 (2 miles)
Sold:   11-MAR-2008  (27,911 miles)
Reason for sale: No longer racing, so no real reason to keep the bike.
Comments: First brand new bike that I have ever bought. Very difficult to sell, but decided to not race anymore...
Interesting link: 2001 CBR600 F4i specifications
Bike: 1999 Honda CBR600F4
Bought:  9-JAN-2003  ( 2,611 miles)
Sold:      16-FEB-2005 (12,204 miles)
Reason for sale: Unable to ride due to ongoing back problems.
Comments: Bought as a salvage bike (rebuilt) and used as track bike / occasional second street bike.
Interesting link: 1999 CBR600 F4 specifications
Bike: 2007 Triumph Tiger
Bought:  19-APR-2007  (0 miles)
Sold:      1-SEP-2010  (33,694 miles)
Reason for sale:  Leaked oil; Burned oil (Nice combination!); Felt I was being mistreated by the local dealership; Needed a TPS O-ring + TPS reset (requires Triumph tuning tool); All around, I now feel like this bike was a huge mistake, and I am glad that I got rid of it (especially based on the issues that Stierhoff had with his '07 Tiger). It may have never happened, but every time I got on the bike (which was less and less), I felt like I was waiting for the engine to seize / destroy itself because of the ongoing oil issues that I have noticed/encountered. Whether irrational or not, why would I want to invest more time and money into this scenario? (to put this in perspective, I would rather sell the bike back to a dealership and take a huge hit in the price in order to avoid another individual having to deal with all of the issues that I perceive this bike to have)
Comments: Smooooth... Plenty of torque... Fun to ride... Easy to ride loooong distances.
Interesting link: 2007 Triumph Tiger specifications
Bike: 2008 Yamaha FZ1
Bought:  22-MAY-2012 (4,990 miles)
Sold:      No!
Reason for sale: No! No!
Comments: On paper, the same weight as the F4, but with 30+ more HP. Oh my!
Interesting link: 2008 Yamaha FZ1