So, this is “my” website (I am using the term “my” very loosely)

It started as a place for me to host pictures that I had taken and found interesting, which then grew into a photo gallery, primarily composed of pictures of motorcycle races and motorcycle trips (back in the day, I was putting around 10k miles per year on various motorcycles).

Over time, my back started bothering me more and more, and the website started changing into a place where I was documenting my “back journey“, and my attempts to determine the best course of action (eg, “bikes and backs”).

Once I got past November 2006, and my recovery process really started, I was able (and definitely willing) to get back into riding motorcycles (but not racing), and the website continued to be used as a photo gallery and as a place to document the upswing in my life.

Once 2008 rolled around, my life focus changed once again, with the addition of my spousal/unit into my life. Nothing much really changed from the website point of view, although I think my posts became more and more sporadic, as I was finally able to get back to living my life the way I wanted to.

Once 2011 rolled around, the website became something different (again) as I had stopped posting pictures of “bike trips”, had infrequently been writing, and then began posting pictures of the triplets (over and over again). At some point during this time-frame, I changed the tag-line from “Bikes and Backs” to “Bikes, Backs, and Babies, Babies, Babies”, with a definitely emphasis on the Babies part 🙂

As my weekly routine of the site became more oriented on pictures of the kids (probably 2012 sometime), I again changed the tag-line to “2 Dogs… 2 Horses… 2 Artificial Discs… 1 wife… 1 set of triplets…”, as I thought that was a better summary of my daily life.

In 2012 I got back into riding again, so one might see some occasional pictures related to motorcycles, but I rarely comment much on my back health, aside from my “yearly anniversary” posts indicating that everything is still going fine 🙂

2013 has rolled around and so far the “family unit” is doing just fine. “My” website has definitely changed multiple times over the last few years, but it is definitely a reflection of the path my life has taken over time 🙂


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