What does it take to keep me going?

20-APR-2005: If anyone is curious, I sat down and figured out, on average, what medication I take, on a daily basis (just to try and control the pain):

  • 5000mg Acetaminophen (all links go to drugs.com)
  • 400mg Ibuprofen
  • 300mg Lyrica
  • 50mg Vicodin (Edit: on average this is more like 100mg/day than 50mg/day)
  • ————

    [Edit: 19-SEP-2006]

    On average, my Vicodin intake is 100+ mg / day. Starting tomorrow, I imagine I will add some sort of anti-depressant to this list as well….

    [Edit: 20-SEP-2006]

    +40mg / day Fluoxetine

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