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I currently live in the Columbus, OH Johnstown, OH area, where I work for Qwest Communications CenturyLink in the IT department. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I ride / race motorcycles for fun, when my back is willing and able. Since August of 2004, my back is definitely neither willing, nor able. If you look here, you will find some pre-op pictures of the two herniated discs in my lower back. Trust me, it just hurts. All the time. A lot.

19-OCT-2005: After a trip to Yale University Hospital, looks like I will be participating in an Activ-L vs. Prodisc study sometime around September 2006. This means that I have a 100% chance of a two level disc replacement, at no cost to me or my insurance company (who probably would have denied me anyway).

5-APR-2006: Here are some ADR (Artifical Disc Replacement) documents that I find interesting / helpful: ADR documents

7-NOV-2006:  As much as I tried to wait for Dr. Yue’s study, it just wasn’t in the cards. Seven days from today, I will be on the operating table in Straubing, Germany with Dr. Bertagnoli. Not the perfect outcome (at a cost of around 28,000€), but I was left with no other options (other than waiting more).

21-JAN-2011: Been married now for about 3 years, and I am now the father of triplet girls (yowza!). Due to my changing life, I have since decided that focusing on my family for the time being should be my priority, so I no longer own any bikes/do any riding (perhaps some day again in the future). My back continues to give me little to no issues in my daily life, and really doesn’t restrict me in any way, shape or form (I have toyed with the idea of running a marathon or at least a half-marathon sometime in the future, if I can get in good enough running shape).

4-JUN-2015: I did get back into riding motorcycles around mid 2012. Other than that, pretty much status quo. Keep the bills paid, keep the triplets fed, keep the spousal/unit happy.

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  1. Michele says:

    Found you from dr. Bertagnolis web site. Considering c56 c67 adr by him for my husband. Any suggestions or advice. Are you still satisfied? Weve never travelled out of the country and to be honest scars me to death to seak medical care in another country but if it can help my husband, I want him to go Thanks

  2. David says:

    Could you email me again/post another comment?

    The email address you provided in your comment isn’t valid.


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